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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kerja Keras adalah Energi Kita

Kerja Keras adalah energi kita - According PT. Pertamina Persero Cyber News in Jakarta, Monday, October 19 2009 (16:28)Kerosene conversion to LPG Successfully Save USD $ 10.7 Trillion Oil Subsidy. That' s wonderfull way !
I interest to review that great moment by writting this to follow Pertamina Blog Contest in celebrating PT. Pertamina's birthday.

LPG conversion program success 3 kg and continued to do the addition of distribution facilities and stockpiling of LPG is carried out led to an appreciation of Pertamina awards Dharma Karya Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Associate of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Monday (28 / 9).

Awards received by the National Program Implementation Team Convert Kerosene to LPG because of the success of the program do the conversion of kerosene to LPG 3 pounds that have been made from 2007 to the present.

Awards for success with amazing motto kerja keras adalah energi kita, given the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Purnomo Yusgiantoro of Indonesia to PT Pertamina (Persero) which has distributed nearly 40 million package for the conversion of prime households and small businesses. Until the second week of October, the accumulated amount of the distribution tube has reached 39,885,177.
For the year 2009, recorded until mid-October 2009, Pertamina has distributed packets of stoves and cylinders 20,138,021 Family Head (KK) and micro-businesses or achieve the target 85 percent of the 23,772,582 package later this year.

LPG conversion program is successful it rolled out in Indonesia is the largest in the world, because this conversion is done by the target 52 million households within three years in 2010, even this program has been praised by the World LP Gas Association as a model for the conversion of non-user LPG to LPG which can be used as examples of other countries.

Pertamina also received awards represented also accepted by the Hanung Budya build infrastructure for the success of LPG Filling Stations particularly Bulk Liquefied petroleum gas (SPBE) as many as 103 fruits. In addition, Pertamina is also building the largest SPBE supported 120 Liquefied petroleum gas filling machine and has a charging capacity of 1,000 metric tons per day, it also because of kerja keras adalah energi kita spirit.

Kerosene conversion to LPG

Throughout the 2007-2009 period conversion program was carried out, has managed to save the state subsidy of Rp 19.98 trillion. The cost for the conversion package is around Rp. 9.3 Trillion, so the total savings that can be performed country is around Rp. 10.7 Trillion.

Since the start of a conversion program in 2007, LPG consumption continues to increase. For the year 2009, Pertamina predicts the total use of LPG will penetrate a 3 million metric tons. This figure consists of 1.7 million LPG Mton for PSO (subsidized) and 1.3 million Tonnes of LPG Non Subsidy. The increased consumption of LPG gas fuel must be followed by efforts to improve infrastructure performance and distribution support. For that, Pertamina seek acceleration of the development of supporting infrastructure. Including the development of several LPG Storage Terminal either made by Pertamina and the third party as an investment partner.

Withdrawal of kerosene has reached 97 percent of the registration of 4,045,928 Kilo Liter Revised targets 2009 for 4.1 million Kilo Liter. For the realization of refill (refill tube) and the prime LPG has reached 1,301,070 Metric Ton (MT) or 77 percent of the target year 2009 is 1,753,552 MT. Target 52 million beneficiaries are expected to pack in mid 2010. Bravo pertamina ! Happy birthday - kerja keras adalah energi kita


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